Foundation Granular 6-2-4

Standard Grade

Synthetic-Enhanced Organic Fertilizer

Laying the foundation for a reliable nutrition program with Foundation Granular 6-2-4 gives your turfgrass the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. Our complex formulas—derived from organically composted poultry products—will set your turf in the right direction this season.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 6.00%
5.34% Water Soluble Nitrogen
0.66% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 2.00%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 4.00%
Calcium (Ca) 9.00%

Derived From

Ammonium Sulfate, Sulfate of potash, composted poultry manure and feather meal. Contains Bacillus, Mycorrhizae, and Trichoderma.
*0.66% slowly available Water Insoluble Nitrogen from composted poultry manure and feather meal.

Here’s What You Can Expect…

  • A three-way package of fungi and bacteria that encourages root zone development (Bacillus, Mycorrhizae, and Trichoderma)

  • Beneficial biotechnology that allows soil microorganisms to thrive

  • Nutrient uptake and release based on microbial-boosting activity

  • Increased turfgrass density

  • Reduced irrigation needs

Application Guidelines

  • 0.25 lb. N = Foundation 6-2-4 at 4.16 lbs./1,000 ft.2

  • 0.50 lb. N = Foundation 6-2-4 at 8.33 lbs./1,000 ft.2

  • 0.75 lb. N = Foundation 6-2-4 at 12.50 lbs./1,000 ft.2

  • 1.00 lb. N = Foundation 6-2-4 at 16.66 lbs./1,000 ft.2