The most innovative segment of GenNext’s breakthrough formulations are its extracellular enzyme (exoenzyme) complexes, or M3D Exoenzymes. These complexes are tools that microorganisms use to promote their roles in the carbon and nutrient cycles. They promote plant growth and soil respiration synergy by stimulating beneficial bacteria and fungi already in your soil to better perform their natural functions. Ultimately, the plant is better enabled for nutrient uptake and delivery, decomposition of organic matter, natural defense, and more.

Exoenzymes act as independent entities from their microbial parent, forming stable complexes that resist drought and pH changes. Moreover, they resist attack from other antagonistic enzymes as they persist in the soil long after their microbial parent dies. This characteristic enables M3D Exoenzymes to be a perpetual catalyst, triggering the vital reactions for soil and plant health to flourish. GenNext M3D Technology further extracts and de-animates these exoenzymes to suspend in liquid carriers. This means that until they are applied to soil or turf, they are essentially inactive.

No other biostimulants on the market feature this “non-living” biotechnology. This is important to note as microbes introduced into the soil can have a difficult time surviving with a plethora of microorganisms potentially antagonistic towards them. Diffusion of these exoenzymes can be “hit or miss” depending on the soil profile. GenNext M3D Technology produces innovative solutions which bypass these microbial diffusion processes to provide an enzymatic catalyst. This in turn stimulates the existing soil microbes, which we’ve seen to be consistent in all growing conditions. Ultimately, GenNext M3D Exoenzymes will dramatically improve your soil and plant health regardless of your existing conditions.

When evaluating your fertility program, there needs to be an overall change in mind set. Your fertility protocols should utilize the use of exoenzymes to stimulate your existing microbes to more efficiently process your inputs. Having this catalyst in your fertility program will not only optimize plant health, but also lead to enhanced soil respiration, thereby creating an optimal growing environment.

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