Chemical Free Turf Enhancement

Organic Fertilizer for Championship Turfgrass.

Productive Soil • Strong Turf • Smoother Greens

GenNext Biotech golf and sports turf solutions have been developed with over 40 years of research representing the most advanced organic plant nutrition products on the market today.

Our balanced turfgrass formulation contains over 3,000 complexes of natural organic ingredients, microbiological bi-products, organic hormones, extracts, and enzyme complexes delivered in a high energy liquid fertilizer carrier. Our proprietary products maximize plant utilization of all nutritional ingredients supercharging the plants immune system while the complex formulation is building a stronger turf base. The results produce healthier, aggressive growing turfgrass and improving soil productivity.

Disease & Drought Resistant. Naturally.

Healthier Turf • Less Weeds • Less Water

Our products are chemical free, derived from active plant manures, organic compounds and plants which contain a group of natural ingredients that the turf requires for optimum growth and natural minerals. Synthetic chemical fertilizers do not contain these essential ingredients. Improve the health and vitality of the grass increasing the plants ability to ward off diseases, weeds, as well as other pests. The healthier plant has the ability to fight off many diseases without the use of fungicides or at greatly reduced levels.

Water Reduction up to 30% from previous season. Makes all turfgrasses grow aggressively increasing overall density, reducing weeds and weed grasses - significantly reducing Poa Annua on golf courses.

Organic Turf Enhancement

Primary Turfgrass Enhancement

Golf course superintendents have heard it all before and are a tough nut to crack for sure. But one thing we know is that when you give them results with a natural organic solution that produces healthier root structures and superior turfgrass. This significantly enhances the desired turfgrass, on all types of bent, fine fescue, Bermuda or poa annua, on their greens even the most skeptical will take notice as the density and health of the plant greatly improves playability.

Balancing the Member demands with the stark realities is always the toughest goal. Having to “do more with less’ has been a way of life for golf course superintendents worldwide. GenNext Biotech unique formulations are the results of over 40 years of consulting, research and development within all fields of turfgrass management representing break through biotechnology solutions comprised of completely organic based products.

The Next Generation of Plant Science.

Energize your Turf. Reduce Poa Annua Substantially.

GenNext products are designed to create healthier aggressive lateral growing plants. With over 32 years on various courses throughout the world the results have energized the desired turfgrass to grow through the Poa Annua. Over the course of a couple seasons we have seen courses reduce Poa Annua substantially.