M3D™ Technology

The Best of Nature – Down to a Science

Harvested from nature’s harshest environments

GenNext’s M3D™ Exoenzymes allow your course to take on the attributes of the world’s most resilient natural grasses.

Our M3D™ Technology supplies the vital end-products that healthy soil environments produce when their growth is optimized. By replicating the soil microorganisms that supply these natural raw materials, we can meet the individual needs of many different plants.

We’ve identified and extracted specific proteins, hormones, and enzymes – the good stuff – from over 3,000 select microbes found in natural prairie grasses, corn composts, and various turfgrass species. Each of these microbes has a specific function, whether to decompose dead matter to form organic material, to free “tied-up” nutrients from the soil and from dead matter, or to release agents to kill and prevent certain pathogens. No matter their role – these microbes make up the core of our M3D™ Technology, possessing innate resilience and growth characteristics. Together, they trigger the vital reactions needed for plant growth and soil respiration.

Attached to minerals to form stable extracellular enzyme (exoenzyme) complexes, these extracts serve as a biological engine stimulating your existing soil biology. Fueled with our proprietary carbon source, a soluble, pressure-treated humic acid, M3D™ Technology jumpstarts soil productivity, delivering the essential nutrients for optimization through our flagship liquid carriers.

By providing a stabilized, non-animated form of the resilience-boosting microbes found in natural grasses, GenNext products essentially bypass the organic process – while providing an instant organic catalyst. In other words, they give users the best of both worlds: synthetic performance with organic delivery.

Using GenNext M3D™ Technology on a continual basis, in conjunction with a balanced fertility program, will trigger a built-in defense system against biotic and abiotic stress. Soil biology will improve with application of beneficial bacteria and fungi, promoting optimal plant growth and soil respiration of healthy, dense turfgrass.

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