Vital Reactions For Soil and Plant Health

GenNext formulas are extracellular enzyme (exoenzyme) complexes, stabilized with soil minerals (Copper, Iron, Manganese, & Zinc) and combined with humic acid. The formulations use humic and fulvic acids to provide the complexes with a soluble carbon / energy source. The enzyme complex is derived from composted corn and prairie grasses from America’s Heartland. All of our products are 100% Made in U.S.A.

Applications of GenNext bypass microbial diffusion of exoenzymes in the soil, providing an instant enzymatic catalyst to promote existing beneficial soil bacteria and fungi, while triggering plant defense mechanisms in the form of plant activators. There are no living processes to inoculate the enzyme complex.

Continual use of GenNext products improves both soil and plant health by triggering the vital reactions necessary to sustain them in terms of root development, soil respiration, and plant immunity.


Product Spotlight

GenNext Foundation Granule 4-4-4

GenNext Foundation organic fertilizers were created to improve soil edaphology as they help develop a synergy between plant health and soil respiration. Formulated with beneficial soil microbes, our fertilizers introduce biological diversity as part of a comprehensive granular nutritional treatment.


Success Stories


“Roots coming out bottom of cup. Real happy with your GenNext product. This photo was taken last Saturday. We have had 95 + tempratures for over 3 weeks.”

Ed Wachter, CGCS
Franklin County Country Club